Industrial Coating Services



Large format ID critical tubular parts are our specialty, and we welcome rotors, stators and cylinders of all sizes.

10 Oversized Plating Tanks

We can handle up to 40′ in length

Anti Corrosion for Steel & Brass

Harsh environments (such as oil wells) quickly corrode steel and brass, creating costly equipment failures deep underground. Durabide protects your investment from the degrading impacts of carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid, salt water and other toxic liquids found in the well.

Challenging Dimensions

No job is too big – no part is too small

Wear Resistant Coatings

We utilize silicon carbide, diamond, boron nitride and other hard particles to create composite coatings that are highly resistant to constant friction between moving parts. We have a 40 year track record of uniquely protecting oilfield equipment used in downhole and surface applications. In these cases Durabide mitigates points of failure and extends the life of components subject to such wear.

5 Ton Lifting

Heavy lifting is no problem with 5 ton cranes

Industrial Hard Chrome Replacement

Chrome often suffers from pitting, spalling and other failures when under aggressive environments. Additionally, chrome creates significant environmentnal hazards in its production and application. Durabide provides dramatically improved performance without negatively impacting the earth.

Quality Control

Industry leading first pass yield

Corrosion Protection Coatings

Electroless nickel is widely recognized for its corrosion resistant qualities and forms the basis of our composite coatings. We have extensive experience tackling difficult problems and will work with you to customize an engineered coating solution that meets your specific needs.


Measurements thinner than a human hair

Metal Coating Precision

We specialize in highly challenging long tubular parts with small inner diameters. We also plate non-line-of-site and complex angles with even deposition and very thin coatings, typically measuring .001” – .003”, ideal for tight tolerance work .

Finishing Enhancements

​​​​Heat treating capabilities available

Maximum Corrosion Finishing

We apply rigorous inspection standards and heat treating for additional hardness. Our finishes are so uniform that we meet the exacting specifications of our customers without need for additional machining or grinding. Our product quality is incomparable and widely considered as best-in-class.

Industries Served

Our unique composite coating has allowed Durabide® to become a premium product with applications in the following industries for over 40 years

Oil & Gas


Agriculture & Alternative Energy