Naturally while operating in Texas, many of our regular customers are fabricating products for the oil and gas industry. So protecting the equipment used by the players in this space is critical. Corrosion protection and wear resistant coatings significantly delay the degradation of brass and steel equipment subjected to harsh environments. Our Durabide® coating will prolong your equipment’s lifespan and preserve its functionality.

Composite Nickel Coatings Reinforce Your Surfaces

One of the most used coating types for corrosion protection is electroless nickel plating (ENP). These nickel based alloy coatings are evenly applied and deposited onto metal substrates through a chemical reduction process. Unique to Durbide®, is the inclusion of silicon carbide particulate which adds wear resistance and enhances corrosion protection attributes. Our proprietary coating process enables us to provide even deposition and uniform lay-down on long, no-line-of-sight ID critical parts. A challenging process and key reason this coating is in-demand with oil and gas production companies on large format oversized parts. They look to the experts at DuraTech for oil and gas pipes, equipment, and barrel surfaces, which are generally heavier, bigger and longer in size and surface area.

Durabide®’s performance history in high temperature, intense pressure environments exist thousands of feet beneath the surface and resilience in both corrosive and abrasive elements that make this coating a robust hybrid solution for both wear and corrosion.