Large metal parts are being used everywhere. Equipment, building materials, tools we use to get jobs done, infrastructure like bridges and brackets. And metal coatings, electroplating, and protective finishings are designed to reduce the metal wear and tear that occurs when parts are exposed to friction, oxidation and chemicals. Ultimately maximizing the lifespan of those metal components. If you’re looking for an electroless nickel plating shop in Texas that caters to larger, longer metal components, Dura-Tech is a strong contender.

Dura-Tech Can Handle Lengths Up To 40 ft

Most EN plating services only accept metal parts that are three feet in length because the common size of most bath containers has internal dimensions of 42 inches. At Dura-Tech Processes, you can coat metal parts up to 40-feet long, which is about 13 times longer than the typical accepted length of other shops. We have customized our plating baths to accomadate our customers’ needs.

Our 45-year of experience allowed us to hone our expertise in handling longer metal parts. First founded in 1977, our metal finishing company remains at the top of its game when it comes to providing wear-resistant composite coatings for a wide array of applications. Applying electroless nickle coating to brass barrels used on oil rigs was how we cot started and we still provide tht service today.

Plating for Large Parts with ISO Certification

An ISO-certified company and a proud member of the National Association for Surface Finishing, we take pride in our high quality standards. Electroless nickel plating process more eco-friendly alternative to hard chrome plating and other typical electrolytic plating solutions. The most popular coating solutions among our customers is our nickel composite with silicon carbide. Our shop is RoHS compliant as well.

Nickel Plating with Composites

We have developed mid-phosphorous nickel plating solution and our premium coating composite called Durabide®. We develped Durabide over 30 years ago and many customers called it Ni-Carb before we decided to give it the brand name of Durabide®. Today our customers request Durabide when the need metal plating for steel pipes and tubes used in the oil field.

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